Acuity Investment Management, LLC (AIM) currently engages in a program of “selling” or “writing” options (puts and calls) on futures markets including but not limited to energy, agricultural products, metals, currencies, financial instruments and stock, financial and economic indices.

At times AIM may purchase calls and puts to reduce margins or to take advantage of what they believe will be a profitable trade based on market conditions. AIM looks for investment opportunities and try to capitalize on the fear and greed of the average investor.

On some occasions, the AIM Diversified Futures Program may also trade commodity futures outright. At times the futures position will be initiated through the assignment or delivery of the underlying commodity futures of an option. For instance, if AIM thinks that Crude Oil futures price are overbought and will decrease in value, AIM may choose to sell a call option on the Crude Oil futures contract with a strike price relatively close to the current crude oil futures price. If the crude oil option expires in the money, the underlying futures contract will be delivered and a short futures position will be held by the AIM client.

From time to time, AIM may also engage in spread trading by either entering into spreads between different contract months in the same market or spreads between different commodities altogether.

The advisor’s trading strategy is discretionary. Although technical analysis goes into defining the trading strategy. it is not the sole defining factor. Fundamental factors, including inflation view and economic indicators are also taken into account

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.